About Us

The idea for Sender Grips began with a post in a climbing group on Facebook, where someone asked about where to buy plans for making plywood climbing volumes.  I decided to start drawing plans for climbing volumes to help people build their own.  Later we added the option to purchase precision templates to help you cut your own boards, as well as precut board packages already shaped with miter angles and everything.  I've spent 30 years in the mechanical design industry designing tools and machines for everything from medical device assembly to horse trailers.  I enjoy the creative process of designing and building new things as well as figuring out manufacturing processes.  Both the cutting templates we sell and the precut board kits begin with a precision CNC cut pattern, so you can be sure everything will fit together precisely.  Gradually we are expanding into building resin cast and fiberglass climbing volumes as well as urethane climbing holds.  I hope you find something useful here for your next indoor climbing project.  If you have any trouble with this site or any issues with our products, please contact us.  We will make it right.

Best Regards,

John Balentine, Sender Grips LLC